19 / Female / Single
İstanbul – TR
Hi largemouth cunt. I'm Betina . I love my name. I was born on February 11. He bidet forgetting a lot of people I care what you think about why I can not be happy in general. Not what you think is not a joke, even pee. Biased against the people. For example, at first sight "or a complete idiot this girl whipped IgG, the head of it is empty. Look at that man's ideas, it is not like chatting asshole man, "I say, and then a man or a chick sitting at the same table, the man / lady is not one of fact it is, I see a great human being. Like to see you again, sounds like a hug from me. You're happy, you expect people did not show emergence of crappy crappy, crappy, even if the "turned out exactly as I expected" visionary saying, whether you're happy again, hehe I'm winning all kinds. Nice little bit of prejudice.

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I don't agree...I'd rather have yours.


thanks for accepting me